RV Laundry: How to Clean Your Clothes While RVing

There are so many great things about living in a RV but laundry isn?t one of them. I took my washer and dryer for granted. I think most people do until they break.

Being in a RV makes you reevaluate what?s necessary and what isn?t in your life. A washer and dryer was no longer considered a necessary item for us, just like a dishwasher. Living in an 8×26 space forces you to live with bare necessities. And honestly, it?s the best feeling to shed extra stuff.

We didn?t have a big enough rig to have one of the washer dryer combos that many big Class A and Fifth Wheel owners have. From talking to people with big rigs, many people think this is the best rv washer dryer combo washer/dryer.  It works great for being a combo unit and doesn?t take up much room. If your rig is already plumbed and wired for a unit, then this one is very popular with fulltimers.

Have you ever wondered how many times you can wear something before it needing to be washed? Live in a small space without a washer and dryer and you quickly learn that number. Before living on the road, I?d wear something once and throw it in the laundry. Having fewer clothes on the road made us contemplate if those jeans you just wore were really dirty or could you wear them again?

I found this great website that lists how many times a particular type of garment can be worn before washing. Not only does it save water, it also helps your garments last longer.

We would tackle laundry when we had to go grocery shopping since we didn?t have a tow behind. We would find a laundromat that was near to a grocery store so it was only one stop or a very short distance to drive. On occasion we’d be lucky that the our campground had a laundromat, but most of the time they are tiny and very overpriced.

We became a weekly fixture in laundromats all over the US. It actually enlightened me to the fact that I was very privileged when I had a washer and dryer. Laundromats are a way of life for many stick dwellers.

We learned to go during the week while everyone was at work since the weekend was very busy. We would take a book to pass the time and since we had nowhere to be, we didn?t mind it so much.

Sometimes there would be an interesting store nearby to explore while waiting. The difference in going through the week vs the weekend could be a couple hours waiting time.

Actually we learned that going anywhere during the week before afternoon was always less busy no matter if it was a laundromat, grocery store, or walmart. One of the greatest aspects about living on the road and not having a 9-5 job is being able to go places when everyone else is working.

I know this sounds obvious, but the time savings in going grocery shopping on a Monday morning compared to Saturday morning is at least 30 minutes to an hour. Think about that time savings for once or twice a week for a year and you?ve gained 1-2 whole days in a year.

One of the few laundry accessories we did buy was the retractable clothes dryer that you attach to your RV bumper

When we camped at the beach, we used the retractable smart dryer to hang our wet bathing suits and towels. It was great and held a lot of clothes. If it was sunny, it would dry our clothes in no time.

No matter if you live in a stick hour or a RV, laundry is always going to be a chore. I didn?t mind it that much since every time we went somewhere new, it was always an adventure, which is the point of living in a RV in the first place.

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